Is website maintenance important?

Frankly, yes. When Red Ape Media launches your website, we include 90 days of support to make sure everything is running optimally. After this period, you’ll need to subscribe to one of our website care plans for ongoing support, which may include updates, backups, security checks, content edits and more. We can assess your needs and recommend the package that will provide you the best value.

There are several justifications for keeping up with website upkeep. Before anything else, it ensures that your website continues to function normally and without any downtime. Both your clients and the search engines will appreciate this. If your website frequently crashes or takes too long to load, you risk losing visitors and their trust. In addition, keeping up with maintenance helps keep hackers and other cyber risks at bay for your website.

Maintenance also ensures that your site is always running the most recent version of your software. Maintaining a website involves doing things like checking for and installing software updates, as well as checking to see that all data is up to date and relevant. Since the availability and pricing of goods on the internet can fluctuate rapidly, this is especially crucial for e-commerce platforms.

As a last point, website maintenance is crucial for your personal satisfaction. Having your website maintained by professionals frees you up to concentrate on operating your business and meeting the needs of your clients. By investing in a website maintenance package, you can rest easy knowing that your site is being looked after and that any problems will be fixed without delay. Learn about our Web Design & Development Services.