What is a Static website?

While we build websites on content management systems like WordPress, we have the in-house expertise to build Static websites. Static websites once ruled the Web, and they’re making a comeback because they’re clean, light, fast-loading, reliable, secure, and perform well on Google and friends.

Hugo, a static site generator, is our go-to due of its high efficiency, flexibility, and lightning-fast load times. Hugo allows us to construct a website that is not just responsive and reliable, but also flexible and extensible. In doing so, we can design a website that not only meets your goals but is also optimized for search engines and can sustain heavy visitor loads. We think that Hugo, a static-site-generation tool, is the greatest option for companies who want a professional-looking website that also serves its purpose.

Is a Static website right for you? Talk to our website specialists for expert advice to ensure your business is set up for long-term success. Learn more about our Web Design & Development Services.