What is information architecture?

Information architecture, also called IA, involves the way a website is structured and how the content is organized. Designers and content strategists use visual tools like sitemaps, flowcharts and diagrams to structure content in a way that will make it accessible to users and easy to navigate. Organizing content up front is important as it forms your website’s foundation. Flawed information architecture can frustrate your visitors, cause missed opportunities and hurt your business' bottom line. That’s why Red Ape Media approaches IA strategically in the early stages of website design, to create successful, scalable solutions.

It’s similar to creating the blueprint for a house, in which you map out the room’s dimensions, purpose, and arrangement before construction ever begins. Because of this, your users will be able to quickly locate the information they require and make sense of the bigger picture. Search engine optimization relies heavily on information architecture because it clarifies your site’s structure and organisation for crawlers. Red Ape Media takes a user-centric perspective on design, and our team has the expertise to develop a solid IA for your website. Learn about our Web Design & Development Services.