Web Design vs. Development

While the two work collectively, there’s a difference between web design and development. Web design involves creating a look and feel, designing creative solutions, focusing on the user’s experience, and creating visuals. Web development takes the design and builds functionality in the back end of the website, creates interactivity features, and uses programming languages, including Java, PHP and Go. Yeah, we know it’s geeky.

If you want your website to succeed, it needs the combined efforts of both web designers and developers. Imagine you’re constructing a house. Web design is like the decor of a home; it must be attractive to potential buyers and tenants alike. Web development ensures the stability and safety of the home’s construction. You can have a beautiful home on the outside without worrying about whether or not it will function correctly on the inside. Red Ape Media has deep expertise in both design and development to build you a beautiful website that’s also fast, functional and secure. You can learn more about our Web Design & Development Services.