Pay-Per-Click Marketing

High-quality products and excellent services will make your business successful and your customers come back for repeat business. However, getting your target audience and potential customers to visit your shop is the challenge. While search engine optimisation and other Internet marketing strategies help your site in terms of ranking, another good marketing strategy is required to get your site noticed by your target audience: Pay per Click Marketing.

What is PPC Marketing?

Pay per Click or PPC is a form of sponsored online advertising used on a variety or websites, including search engines. Using PPC, an advertiser will only pay a fee each time one of the ads leading to the business’ site is clicked on by a user. Essentially, PPC is a manner of buying visits to your website, as opposed to allowing visits to occur naturally by way of SEO, SMO and other online marketing methods.

Compared to other forms of online advertising, Pay per Click costs less since you only pay for each click of the ad. However, there are other significant advantages to using the PPC model:

  • Instant Traffic – The primary purpose of PPC is to provide you with the ability to make your ads prominent on top search results pages. This means your ad is seen before the result that ranks the highest from an organic search.
  • Industry/Brand Dominance – If you’re also using SEO to generate site traffic, combining it with PPC will allow you to dominate the search results pages. Your brand shows up in both organic results pages, as well as search results that are paid for.
  • Unaffected by Algorithm Updates – Unlike SEO, PPC ads are not affected when search engines perform an algorithm update. This effectively gives you site traffic as your SEO is being updated to comply with the updates.
  • A Quick Alternative to SEO – If your company has just created a website, chances are it has yet to have any type of SEO in place. To generate traffic until a custom SEO plan can be established, PPC advertising can be used. It’s also a good way to gauge your online business model before investing on a long-term SEO plan.
  • Increased Ad Control – With PPC, you get to control your ad’s copy, the keywords in it, and the address where visitors are directed when they click on it. If you operate a small business, you get to choose which geographical areas your ads can be seen, allowing you to focus more on your local market.

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