Reputation Management

It’s no secret that almost anything and anyone can be searched for online—and this includes your company. In just one click, potential clients can find out all they need to know about your business and the products or services you offer. However, just as quickly as one person can find your company, a user can also create information about you, regardless if the information is negative or incorrect.

Users who read negative comments about your company will easily move on to the next company that offers the same products or services as you do. Since people go online to view all their options before a purchase, they won’t take the time to find out if a negative write-up about you is true or not. Needless to say, your business will definitely suffer from unaddressed negative feedback online.

Red Ape Media's Proven Strategies

To prevent losing potential customers and profit, it is important to have effective reputation management rendered by professionals like Red Ape Media. With our services, not only are you assured that unfavourable write-ups about your company are kept to a minimum, every positive comment about your company, products and services will be highlighted for all your clients to see as well.

Whether you have an existing online reputation management problem, or would just like to get a head start on building a positive image with your consumers online, Red Ape Media has the solutions you need. Our reputation management services include:

  • Reputation review and analysis
  • Analytics reporting
  • Content generation including press releases, articles and blogs
  • Boosting reputation via social media
  • Creation and optimisation of SMO profiles
  • Monthly reports and auditing
  • ...and much more

Re-establishing A Positive Online Image

Apart from facilitating the publication of positive reviews and building positive online profiles, we further manage your online reputation by finding websites where your company or its products services are put in a negative light. When we find them, we make the effort to speak with the associated webmaster to have the unwanted content or pages strategically removed.

From a customer relations standpoint, we ensure proactive responses are provided to rising online issues and criticism, making sure they are duly addressed before getting out of hand and resulting in a bad review.

To learn more about Red Ape Media’s Online Reputation Management strategies, and to discuss how we can customise our services to fit your company’s unique needs, call us at 1-604-398-8854.