Responsive Web Design

Having a website is great for establishing your business’ presence online, but it still needs to be accessible enough for online users to visit. Recently, more people are accessing the Internet through their mobile devices and tablets; this can actually complicate how these users access your website. Ensure that your mobile visitors can see and interact with your website properly with responsive web design.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Due to their size and portability restrictions, many mobile devices and tablets have screen resolutions that are unlike desktop PCs. Users accessing a website through these devices will find that webpages will either be squeezed down to size to accommodate narrow, vertical views or stretched to fit horizontal screens. This size adjustment not only makes content harder to read, it can also render certain menu items inaccessible.

Responsive web design seeks to address this sizing problem by using flexible content management systems. With these tools, it is now possible to create a website that automatically responds to what device the visitor is using, loading an appropriate webpage theme that fits the device’s screen perfectly. Simply put, responsive web design increases a website’s accessibility to mobile device and tablet users.

Why Choose Red Ape Media?

While responsive web design allows a website to be rendered properly on even the smallest devices, it does not necessarily mean that the website has to appear exactly the same on all platforms. Menu items, links, videos, and other interactive elements of the website might need a little repositioning in order to create a more cohesive design. To create responsive web design, you will need to redesign your entire website for as many platforms as possible.

Since responsive themes are essentially new versions of a particular website, it is possible to publish new marketing content through these themes that target users of specific devices. For instance, a delivery hotline link can be added to a website’s responsive theme for mobile device users to access. Webmasters should also consider adding content suitable for touchscreen access.

Just as you would entrust the creation of your website to a capable web designer, you will need an equally skilled designer to work on your website’s responsive themes. Red Ape Media has the tools, experience, and expertise to create responsive web designs, so you can count on us to deliver you a functional website. Allow us to audit your website and determine how we can make your pages more responsive to mobile devices and tablets.